“Every time I pick up the paintbrush I feel the urge to tell a story. Stories, that can´t always be expressed through words, but rather spark an emotion and provoke the imagination. I love when my invisible imagination becomes visible. My work is inspired by music and film as well as certain experiences and moments in my life which I process and convey through my artwork. Therefore my work is very personal and I think it is the vulnerability of an artist that makes his art unique and relatable. To see others connect and be inspired by my artworks is the reason I create, I believe we are not supposed to keep creativity for ourselves, but to use it to serve others. “

Besides painting and illustrating, Raquel is working as an Art Director for a Non Profit Organisation in Hamburg.



- SCHÖN - meet the creative spirt

Creative Conference

Exhibiting artist


- "Creatives Uncovered" & "Skrilled Magazine" Launch Event,

Exhibiting artist

Sydney Australia


- “You ruin me” by The Veronicas (Sony Music)

Music video directed by Matt Sharp & Tapehead

Production Design Assistant

Sydney Australia


- Motion graphics, stage design coordinator for C3 Home Soon production

C3 Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia


- Group exhibition Allure

C3 Theatre Gallery Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia


- Leader interpretative art workshop,

New Life Church Dee Why, Sydney Australia


- Group exhibition Five Thousand Words,

C3 Theatre Gallery Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia


- Costume, stage design, motion graphics designer for Home production,

C3 Studio Oxford Falls, Sydney Australia


- Selected artwork for Warringah Art Exhibition 2012,

Sydney Australia


- Online feature in Rêver Magazine issue 01,